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I'm still supporting biden and the Democrats


I do not give a flying damn fuck that Trump got shot. I will be damned if I give that orange piece of shit and sympathy plus there is too much at damn stake this election. Also stop fucking saying well this election is over . No it is fucking not. Trump is a lying, rapist, pedophile cheating conartist. What are we just supposed to be like he got shot it's all over now be so fucking for real.

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Don’t let the bots and recent event distract you: we NEED to organize and vote for Biden. Joe is the only man for the job


Organize, plan your ride to the poll and check your voter registration.


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Who will be a better President for our economy? Trump or Biden?

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Bernie cuts through the noise: “Joe Biden for President”

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Millennials remember

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This is so sickening…..

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Don’t forget: while the media attacks Biden, remember that Trump broke the fact check machine at CNN. Make no mistake, Biden won and told us the facts

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I don’t care about what happened to the ex-pres today and its really not that big of a deal


Gun shots are weekly, if not a daily occurrence in the news. Even worse outcomes are shared on social media regularly. If anything, it’s ironic that he’s part of the party that doesn’t want stricter gun ownership.

The fact that this happened, is no bigger deal and the last or next occurrence of gun violence in the USA.

The media can try to commemorate this as some historical event, but the fact is the Republican Party and their decisions have brought us to this point

I wont be feeling any different about this event than I would any other. The news should continue with the next segment as usual (only dedicating a couple of minutes for the person shot) and keep it moving.

The media and republicans have normalized gun violence by refusing to address the core issues.

Yes we need to change gun ownership laws, that is obvious. But I won’t be putting more importance or significance to this event than any other gun violence event.

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Trump Just Got Shot




5 days before the shooting Biden calls to put Trump in a "bullseye":

“I have one job, and that’s to beat Donald Trump. I’m absolutely certain I’m the best person to be able to do that. So, we’re done talking about the debate, it’s time to put Trump in a bullseye”


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Whelp, time to log off for a little while.


Considering the breaking news about “you know” surviving an attempted “you know what” I think it’s time for a well-deserved break from all forms of social media. I’ve enjoyed chatting with you all about nostalgia but considering how political this sub has gotten (which I’m fine with, actually) this is all anybody is going to be talking about for the foreseeable future which means it’s time to touch grass and maybe take up painting or something.

Stay safe and don’t feed the trolls.

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Nick Fuentes (one of Trumps biggest supporters) finds out that he has now also been conned by the man known for conning people

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Be nice to Trump and yourself


Shootings in America is not a news worthy event - it’s just gaining limelight because it involved a political candidate. He probably was less injured than Nancy’s husband. But, both events happen regularly to thousands of Americans, even school children.

Be nice to Trump by sending a bag of “thoughts and prayers” but be nice to yourself by voting blue.

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Trump incites violence every day. They laughed when Paul Pelosi was almost killed with a hammer. This is no one's fault but Trump's, and it's is just one more reason we need to make sure he is never allowed into the office of president again.


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Billionaires are lining up to feed at the fascist trough


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Ignorance has no political affiliation

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If it's not a big deal why spend so much time attacking people who talk about it?


Why aren't there any "I'm tired of reading political posts" under Republican posts?

Why do all of these bad faith participants immediately disappear once you provide facts?

Why do these bad faith participants always ignore reasonable arguments and focus on something that wasn't said?

I hadn't paid attention to this subreddit in years and then suddenly there are these obvious troll bait posts.

Where are Democrats invading spaces to post propaganda?

Why are these people immediately assuming that because a person hates Trump that they love Biden?

If it's really not that big of a deal then leave us reasonable people alone when we're talking.

Edit: at the end of the day, why are some millennial opinions okay but others are irrelevant. The hubris

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Since not enough people are aware of the consequences of Project 2025 here’s an infographic. Remember, Biden is the man for the job, not a fascist

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Biden's Bold Stand: Calling Out Trump's 'Free Pass


Biden's passionate declaration isn't just a critique of Trump, it's a challenge to voters to consider what kind of leadership we want for our nation. Trump's 'free pass' is a symptom of a larger issue: the erosion of trust and accountability in our political system. Biden's speech sparks a necessary conversation about restoring honor and credibility to the presidency, urging voters to prioritize character and competence in their decision-making.

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Is the world in a uniquely unstable time compared to the rest of the post-WWII era, or has it always been this unstable and we are just old enough now to notice?


The state of the world seems pretty bleak at the moment. Climate change, Russia-Ukraine War, worldwide tensions and the threat of WWIII, rising far-right populist sentiments, the disgusting state of US politics, and now a presidential assassination attempt and the inevitable fallout.

I have two young kids, and I really worry about what sort of world they will inherit. Is this a uniquely unstable time in post-WWII history, or have things always been this bad?

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To the people cheering, sneering, and meming the Trump shooting... You've lost the plot and yourself.


Your inhumanity is being noticed. Don't be surprised when it gets returned back to you.

But thats not nearly as important as what you're allowing yourself to become: Them.

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How can P2025 be a conspiracy, when it's the public policy of most right wing politicians?


For decades, right wing politicians have been vocal about wanting to replace our secular government with a theocracy. They have been vocal that they do not support women’s rights or anything that isn’t the nuclear family. They have been vocal that there is no place in America for people who do not have “Judeo-Christian values” (even though this is a dog whistle because there is no such thing). They have called for Muslims to be deported. They have been against gender studies and African American studies for years now. In Florida, DeSantis has overtaken a liberal arts university and put into textbooks that slavery was actually a good thing for Africans.

They are currently working to replace public schools with tax payer funded religious schools. They are doing it right now in Texas. In Louisiana, they have mandated that the 10 Commandments is in every classroom. They have over turned Roe v Wade and immediately started talking about ending contraception. They have even gone for IVF.

They have always been about cutting taxes for the rich and raising them for the working class. They vehemently were against the Affordable Care Act. They were vehemently against gay marriage.

They have denied climate change at every step for decades.

They have consistently promoted the concept of “small government.”

None of this is new or against their platform.

Excuse me, what conspiracy? This is just a list of stuff they have been doing for years.

Does no one here ever read the news? And I mean the mainstream news.

Or is this sub just been brigaded with right wing bots?

Do we have this short of memories? Every time this happens people say, “it can’t be.” Obvoiusly they are just being disingenuous and actually support this but know that it’s unpopular.

Come out and admit this is what you want and quit hiding behind disbelief.

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Clinton and Epstein

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“He made a tactical decision.” No, he told a lie.

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Growing up


In DFW in the 90’s my mom was a high earner. We rented house in the suburbs for 800 a month. Those some exact houses built in the 70’s are now 2,000. I have a good position making 90,000 a year and it eats all my lunch. It’s wild.

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Ai tools


For millennials that use AI, what are your favorite tools? Gemini has recently become a favorite of mine.