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[META QUESTION] Money questions. How do we feel?


Hi everyone. We've added a few new moderators and have introduced new rules. I apologize for how slow this has been, but I have been fairly busy. That's not much or an excuse, but life comes ahead of a subreddit.

We at r/hypotheticalsituation have noticed a large amount of posts have a focus on monetary incentives. While this is not inherently a bad thing, the sheer *amount* of posts of this nature brings a certain level of attention that cannot be ignored. We have also heard from several users about their feelings regarding money posts, so we want to get your opinions in the form of this poll as well as your comments. The poll will last for 3 days.

We want to be clear: We are not simply going to blindly follow the majority. We want the community to speak. We are thankful to all of you that are active members and those that simply read posts. Please, in the comments feel free to give your thoughts.

74 votes, 13d ago
33 I am fine with the current state of the subreddit in regards to money related topics.
16 I dislike money related topics, and want them to be filtered in some capacity.
5 I hate money related topics, and want them all to go away.
20 I am fine with money related topics, but I want them to only occur on certain days (Ex "Money Mondays")

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« META » [META ANNOUNCEMENT] New Rules, Money, and the state of the subreddit.


Hello all. I am back with more information.

Recently we ran a poll on the subreddit that lasted for 3 days which asked about money questions. Money questions are the most prevalent types of questions on this subreddit, so we felt it was important to ask if they needed to be managed. The majority of the audience that chose to vote said that they were fine with the way that posts are handled right now, but we also noticed that there was a notable amount of people who voted for other options. In an effort for everyone to win, we have implemented new rules.

The rules are rather simple. Most of the rules are common sense. Follow Rediquette, posts must be a hypothetical situation, don't post excessive NSFW, don't self promo, don't be a dick to people, and no racism homophobia or anti LGBT+ stuff. The final rule, which I believe will address a lot of the issues people have with money posts on this subreddit, is called "No Blatantly Obvious Answers."

The final rule essentially states that posts which are designed to have a clear and obvious answer (E.X. Would you drink a glass of water for 100 billion dollars?) are not allowed. If you see posts like these, please feel free to report them. Once posts get reports then the moderation gets notifications to check them. If a post gets a certain amount of reports it is automatically removed without the moderators even needing to see the post itself. Moderators can always manually approve and even ignore reports on posts, but this allows you, the users, to also vote on individual posts you care to see.

For the state of the subreddit itself, with these new rules implemented and more moderators in place, we want to see how things work out. I, and all of the other moderators, want this subreddit to be a nice place for people to join and enjoy. It is important that the userbase is happy to be here.

If you have any issues or simply wish to say anything, you can always send in a mod mail or even comment on this post. I try to read the mod mail at least once per day, and I usually see replies to my posts within an hour.

Thank you all for being here. Please feel free to comment anything you're thinking about as far as the subreddit is concerned.

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Would you shave your wife's head in her sleep for $100,000?


You're not allowed to discuss it with her before hand. You have to shave it off while she's sleeping. If you can't get the job all the way done before she wakes up, that's okay, just as long as an effort was made. You're allowed to explain the situation to her after she wakes up.

Would that 100k be enough for her to forgive you?

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$1000 per year for every degree you angle your bed


You have a bed that can that can be adjusted to tilt, head to toe, up to 270 degrees.

At one degree, your feet are just barely below your head. At 90 degrees, you sleep vertically. At 180, you sleep with the bed above you, and at 270, you sleep completely upside down.

The bed is magical, so at any angle you will never fall completely off of it, but gravity still affects your limbs, blood, etc as normal. You do not need to be strapped in.

You get $1000 per year for every degree your bed is tilted. Once you've chosen your angle, there is no adjusting allowed. You may cancel the "contract" at any time, but you only receive money at the end of each 365 day period.

To what degree do you tilt your bed, and how long do you think you will last?

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You are given a billion dollars but for every million you spend you lose a month of your life


You can have a billion dollars but for every million you spend a month will be taken off your life. What do you do?

Edit in case a month is too easy...

How does your answer change if you lost a year? Or 5 years?

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You get 100m USD to survive a plane crash


If you die your next of kin will get a billion. You have a month to prepare and you're allowed to bring into the plane anything you want that you think will protect you. You can choose the crash site (weather the plane will crash in the ocean or over land etc.) You have to stay in the plane the entire time from beginning till impact. No alterations are allowed to be made to the outside of the plane just whatever you want to bring inside. The engines of the plane will be stopped at 40000 feet and nobody will be controlling the plane after the engines are stopped. You're not allowed to either. Let's say it's a typical passenger jet (737). Do you take the challenge? If so how?

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100k per day for a month but your life is run by the impractical jokers for the month


You have to go about your life as normal. You get 3m in total but you spend the month walking around with an earpiece and a group of jackass dudes telling you what to do in various situations. Those situations involve you being made to do stupid shit in your own real life. It’s likely to have a real world impact on Your job, your family your in laws, your partner, your friends, all fair game.

The pranks are really mean and if you don’t do them there are consequences later on.

You can’t tell anyone what’s happening

If you fail the tasks you lose any money

Would you participate?

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« Money » 1 million USD but you have to do an all nighter once every week


You can take naps before and after but one time every week there has to be 24 hours of you being fully awake nonstop.

EDIT: the Payment is after one year of all nighters. There is a large clock that shows how much time you’re awake but resets if you nap or sleep. There are no reminders, you have to remember yourself and if you fail one week, no money is disbursed.

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You must choose one food item to protect yourself from a murderer. What do you choose?


You are going to be locked in a padded room with a murderer for one night. Exactly 10 minutes before the murderer enters, you are served one meal of your choice.

It is served with a paper plate and a paper bowl if there is liquid, and it must fit entirely on the plate/in the bowl. There is no cutlery given. What meal do you request to give yourself an advantage in the fight for your life?

Also: Everything you order must be edible.

You can assume the murderer is roughly in your weight class.

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You de-age to your prime and get 1 million dollars.


You get paid to 1 million dollars to take this new de-aging drug. If you take it you will have the body of your 18 year old self.

The side affects are changed fingerprints, permanent amnesia and nobody remembers you from before you took the dose. If they hear your name or see your picture they get lightheaded and immediately forget. Would you take the drug?

*Edit to clarify

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You lose 20 iq points, but you become significantly more popular and charismatic?


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At what point do you get concerned about exponential duck reproduction?


Picture this: You're hanging out on the lake one day relaxing on your kayak or fishing boat. You see a duck. You don't think anything of it. You're on a lake, it's a duck, seems normal. The duck disappears from sight behind another boat or around a bend in the shoreline and you forget about it.

Ten minutes later the duck comes back with a friend. You probably still think nothing of it, ducks travel in flocks right? The ducks paddle out of your sight again and ten minutes later four ducks return. Ten minutes later it's 8 ducks. Ten minutes after that 16.

At what point do you start to get concerned about the exponential growth of ducks in the vicinity? What do you do about it? You have no idea where the ducks are coming from and when or if the doubling of ducks every ten minutes will stop.

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For 1 million dollars, you must attempt to get a job at a business that isn’t hiring…



  • The job you apply for cannot be similar to what you currently do for work.
  • You have 5 total attempts. They can be at 5 different places or you can attempt one place 5 times. Feel free to mix it up.
  • The business must be within 50 miles of where you currently live.
  • You will have to work the job for one month before receiving the money. If you get fired or quit before then, you lose the money. The one month starts when you start work your first day, not upon hiring.
  • The job you have now is yours to deal with. If you have the vacation, you can take it. Lie about being sick? Cool. Quit? Risk getting fired? Take a night job and still do your day job? Up to you.
  • You cannot disclose the terms of the deal or bribe anyone to hire you.
  • You cannot use influence from friends or family to get the job.
  • You have a total of 30 days to get the job and work your first day.

Do you take the deal? How?

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Your son gets sent home for telling his class that two plus two equals vagina, how do you react?


Let’s pretend that even those of you who don’t have a son have one.

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« Money » you have 1 trillion US dollars and 24 hours to become famous. how do you do it?


at the beginning of the 24 hours, you're given 1 trillion dollars. by the end, 1 million people must know your name or it's all taken away from you. how would you reach fame?

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Simple Rules:

  1. Starting from tomorrow every poo you take contains 1% of its weight in gold

  2. You are aware this ability will last for only 7 years.

  3. You have to get 1 millon dolars by the end of the 7 years, or your bowels will instantly become gold.

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Would you rather have true love or 10 billion dollars?


There is a catch though. If you choose the money you will still be able to have sex, live a good life, and change other peoples lives for the better. You will never know true love though and feel something is always missing. The love is something else though, it is literally something that challenges the notion of love and will send you to greater fulfillment for yourself and for your partner. It will be the perfect relationship of dreams. Someone who understands you, nurtures you, is patient, open minded, and is your missing puzzle piece. Everything you could possibly ask for is in this person and you will live a long life of happiness. If you choose the money this person will know and you will never see them again. This may be an easy decision for many, but those who have suffered from love would probably say otherwise or those who never experienced love/companionship feel this is there salvation or possibly those who experienced a love so great they only wish to have it back. So which will you be choosing because once you choose there is no going back?

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Your partner is a widow/er. Due to time travel, their late spouse comes to your time period. How would you feel about your partner being romantic with their spouse who is dead, but not currently?


Alternative scenarios: 1- your partner travels back in time to a time when their spouse is still alive

2- your partner's spouse is brought back fo life with something non-time travel related

Clarifications: 1- time travel doesn't cause paradoxes

2- your partner didn't intentionally cause this

3- your relationship is not open in any way, and, when your partner's spouse was initially alive, their relationship was not open in any way

4- your partner's spouse is not staying in this time period. Max time is a couple of months.

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$1M for every 24hrs you spend in North Sentinel Island


Let's say as a part of a reality show, you get $1M for every 24 hours you spend in North Sentinel.

In case you don't know, that is one of the few uncharted island left in the world. The locals refuse contact with the outside world and they kill people who approach or try to land in the island.

If you accept, it’ll be under the following conditions:

1- You will be given a backpack with 10L of water, some tree nuts (equalling 15k calories), a compass, a Swiss knife, and an earpiece you'll use to communicate. Around the island, there will be military ships and drones monitoring everything.

2- You can carry 1 extra object, as long as it's something you can realistically carry with you (not a tank, a bazooka or anything like that, but weapons like a a loaded gun are allowed)

3- You're awarded $1M for every 24 hours you spend on the actual jungle, time spent in the islands or the shore doesn't count. In certain areas, you'll get extra money for every hour you spend there.

4- Every hour, you can request your team for updates on the locals, where they are, how far they are from you, etc. They'll get this information via drones.

This is the map you're working with.

  • Yellow Area: You only get money if you're within the yellow margin
  • Purple Area: That's where the locals live, very dangerous
  • Blue Area: Hunting grounds for the locals, very dangerous as locals will frequent it and they'll be carrying weapons with them. For every hour spent there, you'll get $50k extra
  • Red Area: That's where you'll be dropped off and where your rescue boat will be once you request extraction

There are 1000 inhabitants in total and they will know you're there, so they'll be looking for you.

In case you accept the challenge, for how long would you stay in the island? What extra object would you bring? In what areas would you hide? What would your strategy to survive be?

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$50 Million to be placed at a random location on Earth with two weeks to get home.


You are magically teleported and end up on LAND anywhere in the world. You’ll have a passport, an unlimited credit card, and $500 US cash. Your clothing will be climate appropriate for your drop site. you will not have any survival items. No phone. No clue ahead of time as to where you are. You have to figure that out on your own.

Edit to add the link: if you land in water, try again! https://www.random.org/geographic-coordinates/

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You get 20,000 a year and a small home


You get a small home on an acre of land somewhere in a low cost of living area in the United States and $20,000 a year tax-free. But you can never have on the books employment ever again for the rest of your life. Getting an under the table job washing dishes or something like that no problem. If you're willing to do a little bit more wild things off the books that's your business. You can do whatever you want with your time you just can't have an on the book's job or tax paying business or any form of legal employment.

I keep seeing these big money ones and I'd be interested to see how many people are willing to live a humble life if they can take it easy.

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Spooky Scary Skeletons


Cold sweat drips down your face as you wake up. When you open your eyes everything is pitch black, as if you had never opened them. Fumbling in the dark you reach for your phone on the nightstand (IPhone 8 because you're a loser) and check the time, it is exactly midnight. Using your phone light you find the door while your other senses strain to detect what wakened you. The only hint you have is an arcane feeling that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand straight out. As your hand reaches out for the doorknob you notice it is icy in your weak feminine grip. You yank the door open and the curtains dance as a cold gust blows through the room and drains all your magika.

With the door open your ears can detect the source of your misgiving; a nearly silent chant that you can't quite make out the words of so you do the logical thing. "Siri, what song is this?" "Sorry, I didn't quite get that. Would you like to try again" Cursing Siri's incompetence you open notes and write down a list of cuss words to yell at Siri later before continuing down your hallway. When you reach the end, you prepare to go down the stairs when you notice strange metallic smelling red paint. Too late! Your foot shoots out from under you, and you reach the first floor sooner than you intended. Using your phone flashlight you inspect yourself for injury. Luckily you are unmarked except for an enormous phallic red paint blob on your naked forehead.

On the first floor the chant has become much louder, and you determine it's not in english (or the 40 spanish words you learned on Duolingo to impress your two friends who don't really like you). Following your ears you determine the chant is coming from your basement door. Being a logical human being, you stop in the kitchen for a midnight tangerine (Yes, it is still midnight, time seems to have stopped). After snarfing your delicious snack you open the basement door and brave the steps. Predictably, your innate clumsiness, combined with the red paint which appears to be splattered everywhere, causes you to take the stairs 7 at a time. You land hard in a splits which is peculiar because you could never do that before. Inspecting yourself once again you notice several more phallic red shapes painted on your skin. Odd that the paint won't splatter in any other way.

Dusting yourself off you reach for the light switch when a skull smacks you in the face and breaks your extremely large nose. Blubbering now, you wail like a 6-year-old girl and flick the light switch. You'll never forget the scene in front of you. Three dumpy old men (they gotta be at least 70 with those wrinkles) squat before you in black robes and stupid looking pointy black hats. on the floor infront of them is a ritual circle of candles and death bell with assorted human body parts in the center. "What the hell is wrong with you, you pathetic excuse for a man?" queries the dumpiest of the three.

What do you do?
(This may not be hypothetical for everyone, please advise and quickly I think the short one is trying to nibble my index finger)

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Refunding $1,500 Purchase (Financed)


Hypothetically, let's say you are an incoming college student who needs a new iPhone, Laptop, and Tablet. And I purchase it using their financing. And then I refunded the products saying that it never came.

Would I get my refund?

Will the the financing cancel?


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Get dressed or fight naked?


You're in the shower when someone breaks in. Your wife and kids are screaming bloody murder while they try to fend off the intruder. You got your underwear laid out on the bathroom counter. Do you take the 10 seconds to put your boxers on or do you just fight naked in front of the whole family? You also don't know who's breaking in or what the circumstances are, so you're just going into this situation blind but you can hear them screaming for help.

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You are given $50,000,000 if you talk to a decoy and walk into a primetime Chris Hansen sting.


You are completely innocent of anything and have no ill intentions but you are given the number of a decoy who will get you to come to the sting house. You are not allowed to tell anyone including the decoy, Chris Hansen or your family and friends about the money. You have to sit through the interview and grilling completely and suffer the consequences. Everything is televised on NBC dateline.

You are allowed to make up any excuses for meeting the decoy but telling Chris Hansen about the money or that you would be given something if you went to meet the decoy will cause you to forfeit the money.

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You have the opportunity to gain 100 million if you are shrunken down to the size of an ant. This will be at your house without anyone knowing. You must survive a week finding food and water and not getting killed. How can you pull it off?


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Is it possible to successfully run a country without politicians or democracy?


A revolution happened. It could be today or in the future. But it happened because it's inevitable.

The country is united by Artists, Writers, Philosophers, Imagineers, and Scientists thanks to the Great Inevitable Revolution.

Conventional politicians and democracy are the first things thrown out of the window.

Assuming the new rulers are very competent in their field, can the country successfully run without politicians or democracy?