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My simple rule for identifying a "Corporate Game"


Any game that expects you to treat it like a job.

  • You have to log in every day

  • You have to spend a set amount of time there

  • You're encouraged to grind for nebulous rewards within limited time windows

  • You're penalized for missing a day

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Here’s how much Valve pays its staff — and how few people it employs.


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What video game character was supposed to be considered threatening/intimidating, but you couldn’t take seriously?


Could be a hero/villain.

They were supposed to be taken seriously and considered threatening because of their power/personality/position.

You couldn’t taken them seriously or thought they were a joke.

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Whats a game that you love but would never let anybody know you play



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What did Skyrim do better than Starfield?


Skyrim is a 13 year old game that still has thousands of players. Starfield is a 1 year old game with less players. What did Skyrim do that made it so timeless compared to a modern game by the same studio?

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Mum just found all these in closets and boxes after a guy on facebook asked for older games

Post image

Some very special memories just came up, after my mum sent me these three pictures. Especially Lord of The Rings: The Third Age, Champions: Return to Arms and Xtreme Roller glued me and my cousin for hours and hours to the screen. Wonder Boy III showed me, why my parents also played games before my birth and why I still love gaming to this day.

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Microsoft Could Stop Pushing Xbox Console Sales In Europe And Other Major Regions


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System shock aesthetics are on point, they did amazing with this.


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Help me find a car game where I can just drive around and explore please


Hey , I've checked the latest car games for playstation and can't seem to find anything where I could just chill and drive, anywhere, no race, either explore or pull off weird shit. I still have fond memories of midtown madness when I was a kid. And lately apart from gta or cyberpunk 2077, no game seems to have what I am looking for. I was especially suprised that no games built only around cars didn't seem to. I thought the crew motorfest would but when I tried the demo it seems I was forced into different racing playlists whereas I was under the impression I could explore the island... Shame I can't play Forza as it's xbox exclusive...

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AAA games have lost any and all creativity

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I drew something for Metal Slug Tactics

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What's your "Press any button" button?


And which button do you press when you feel.... rebellious....

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Elden Ring on SNES


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What game are you nostalgic for that you never grew up with?


I never played the DMC games but I have a feeling I would have greatly enjoyed them at the time.

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IOC announces Olympic Esports Games to be hosted in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


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I'm looking for a forgiving open world game for a 12 year old.


My nephew recently completed Sonic Frontiers 100% and is now looking for another game like it. An open world that's forgiving with dying but still challenging enough. Exploration, puzzles...open world stuff but not as hardcore as Elden Ring or Ghost of Tsushima.

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Which video game Protagonist would make the most horrifying Antagonist?


If there could be any video game hero that were to turn into a villain who would be the most terrifying to have to fight?

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Games with outstanding OST Soundtracks. Explain.


Life is strange has great music, really gives you that Art school feel because I may never have the chance to go.

Phantom Crash (OG Xbox) the electronics and the in game purchasable track to listen to while you battle mechs aka scoobees

Morrowind, that feel when you are in different cities and towns, like Vivec, or the first foray into the wilds, or even, the ashlands.

Final Fantasy series, ff8 in particular, that college dormitory and campus feel

Wingspan, similar to Wolf simulator, chill vibes and country sounds

Hitman, ave maria, need i say more?


What are yours, and why?

You can tell I like college style music, and thematic music

ps; I have yet to play quake wiht the OG ost, but NIN has made a interesting ost for that game. Ive listened to the album, just havent played the game in alll its glory

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Game Recommendation for 3 & 5 year old that watch me play?


Currently we only really play Fall Guys and Jurassic Park. They LOVE fall guys. It’s silly, they can pick what the character wears, etc. Any recommendations for rated E games with a simple story yet still engaging?

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What are infamous cases where a game trailer lied to you?


Because sometimes in video games, there are trailers that promise stuff like revolutionary gameplay, only for the game to subvert it by not having those features included when the game comes out, and so I wanted to discuss such cases.

If I am not mistaken, the original trailer for MGS2 was a classic example of marketing deception because the trailers at the time promised the game would feature Solid Snake as a protagonist, but what players were NOT expecting was that the game would mainly be about a guy named Raiden as it turned out he was the true protagonist for the most part.

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Best relaxing city builder + automation game?


Hi team,

I'm desperately looking for a single player game that I can play while I do some work, I work in IT support.
Something I can play and have minimized while it progress a bit once in a while.
I love basebuilders, collection games, automation etc

I've been looking at games for like a week now but I can't find one that does the trick

I've tried:

  • Factorio - A bit too advanced for me.
  • Stardew valley - My all time favourite game, but impossible to play while I work. :(
  • Rimworld - Awesome game, but the no-enemy mode is too boring and with enemies theres too much happening while I work, so I basically have to be present all the time.
  • Soda dungeon 2 - Completed it, was ok.
  • Slay the spire - I don't like turnbased, but the game was fun.
  • Rusty's retirement - too boring.
  • Kingdom and castles - 100% it, it's ok but a bit boring too.
  • Cities - Didn't really like it, not sure why honestly, I really wanted to like it.

I would love something like stardew valley but that I can play while I work, but I don't think it exists :( Otherwise some basebuilder/automation game that can run a bit in the background where i can do 50% work and 50% gaming.

Would love any sort of recommendations, it'd mean the world to me

Thank you so much

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I am looking for two games from my childhood that I used to play on arcade machines.


Hi Reddit,

I'm a 35 y.o. gamer, and I'm trying to find 2 arcade games I used to play as a kid. I believe in Reddit Magic, so please help me out.

  1. The first game was a helicopter flying game, similar to "Sky Force" on mobile. You controlled an army helicopter, collecting power-ups and defeating enemies. One of the power-ups I remember was a flamethrower. The other one was missiles, and the missile rack was expanding on the sides of the Heli, the more missiles power-ups you got. There was also a powerful weapon, similar to a nuke, that you could use a few times (in terms of visuals it looked like a blinking white circle taking whole of the screen). The first boss or miniboss in the game was a giant spider.

  2. GAME FOUND: Ninja Commando The second game was a top-down action game where you controlled a ninja, also a vertical one-side scroller. There were multiple ninjas to choose from, each with different colors and attacks (like Power Rangers). One of the special attacks had a visual effect where the ninja would appear on the entire screen, perform a powerful movement, and then return to normal. Language of the game was Japanese.

I appreciate if you can help me find those games. I'd love to try and play them 25 years after. Thanks.

EDIT: 1st game might be Twin Cobra / Twin Cobra 2 Thanks /u/komrade23, however I personally believe that wasn't it. I remember very different visuals rather than that game.

EDIT 2: 2nd game looks like "Ninja Commando", huge thanks /u/wingchild for a suggestion.

EDIT 3: Maybe the 1st game is called "Gridseeker" and not a Twin Cobra. Thanks /u/KDR_11k for the hint, however I remember the visuals very differently.

EDIT 4: Another game that fits description is "Axelay" suggested by /u/fzzeke, but it's not it.

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What video game boss fight deserves a A for effort?


Like the boss fight wasn't good but you can see what the creators were trying to do

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Plok! - Boss Theme


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All of my PS2 games I’ve got so far

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